Hate chasing customers for payment?

Satago is clever credit control software that helps businesses get paid faster. Satago connects easily to your KashFlow account, then takes over the process of chasing customers for payment through automated statements, escalating email reminders and posted payment demand letters.

Automate customised invoice reminders

Satago takes the burden of sending email reminders to debtors off your hands. Use Satago’s proven default templates to quickly set up reminders, opt to customise by escalation level, or per customer.

Understand the risk of your sales ledger with integrated Experian risk data

The bedrock of good credit control is Knowing Your Customers. Full credit reports can be overwhelming for a small business owner, but contained within them are a few key metrics that every business owner should be aware of: the credit score; the credit limit; and the Days Beyond Terms (DBT) data. Satago has partnered with Experian, the world’s leading credit reference agency, to make this data easily accessible for you.

Track your debtors with interactive reports

Easily understand the state of your Accounts Receivable and identify your problem customers with our beautiful, interactive charts, including Aged Debtor reporting, so your credit control team can work more effectively. Reports can be exported as PDF, too.

Provide your customers with monthly statements

Automate a monthly overview of all open invoices with your customer, or click a button to send one off whenever you like. As with everything else in Satago, these are completely optional and customisable per customer.

Automate customisable “Thank you” emails

“Thank You” emails can be configured to be sent automatically after you reconcile a payment in your accounting system. There are two templates for the Thank You emails: one for payments that are received on time or early, and one that can be sent when you receive a payment after the due date.

Resolve queries with your accounts receivable CRM

Satago’s commenting system allows you to comment on invoices, leave notes on customers, and have a clearer oversight of any dialogue between you and your customers.

Send physical payment demand letters

When email isn’t enough, easily send payment demand letters in the post with one click. No need to lick a stamp or visit a postbox again as Satago takes care of printing and posting no matter how many you send.

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