ProWorkflow is world class web based project management software with fantastic task and time tracking tools.

Using ProWorkflow you can automate processes, manage projects, tasks and time tracking on line, share documents and collaborate, track time with Widget as well as access your information at anytime from anywhere.

The solution is designed to give you back control of your projects, tasks and time…And now it integrates with KashFlow! So you can relax!

The ProWorkflow solution is easy to use and setup and is intuitive so minimal training is needed.

“Each project we engage has anywhere from 1-30 deliverables. Each of these deliverables generally has a different schedule, uses a different freelance author, and payment for deliverables can vary across projects and between authors. And, of course, there are the multiple PO’s from clients to pay for all this. Tracking these permutations of contacts, resource allocation, schedule, and payments can fast become uncontrollable.

PWF can handle all of this data plus some. In my job as a project manager it’s critical for me to pull accurate, understandable reports at a moment’s notice. Our management team and accounting groups are thrilled that we can export data from PWF into the spreadsheets they use to calculate their numbers. The new Custom Reports are a dream – I can give our folks the exact info they need without any extraneous data they don’t want. (Saves me clean-up time as well.)

PWF has become the backbone of my project management process. It’s so robust and easy to use that I don’t have to block out large chunks of time to work with the tool just to keep info updated. I can work within PWF all day without slowdowns or complicated procedures. I can use it to e-mail up-to-the-minute schedule changes to contractors around the world. Our clients and contractors use PWF as a repository for deliverables and assets needed for projects. The benefits go on and on.

Finally, I have to mention the outstanding customer support from Julian, Alan, and their team. Their response time is generally within an hour, and more often than not they’ve solved the issue before they get back in touch. It’s so refreshing to have a company say, “We took care of it” instead of, “… so, what’s the problem again?” I recommend this tool without hesitation and commend ProActive Software for a job very well done. ” Stacy Sawyer, Penton Media.

KashFlow Integration

We designed the KashFlow Connection to make it easier to get your invoices from ProWorkflow into KashFlow. You can create all your invoices in ProWorkflow based on all your time tracked or using simple line items then send invoices direct to KashFlow with a click of a button.

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ProWorkflow has 3x plans and a comprehensive feature set allowing businesses to choose the best plan for their needs.

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Free Trial Account

Try the ProWorkflow solution for yourself and see the benefits. All trial accounts can be converted to live subscription accounts with your trial data imported.


ProWorkflow has been designed to suit the needs of service companies from 1-50 users although we have an advanced (hierarchal)offering for larger companies of 50+ users.

ProWorkflow with KashFlow integration creates a great multipurpose solution for many industries. Here are some industries currently benefiting:

  • Technology
  • Creative / Marketing
  • Educational
  • Health
  • Community
  • City / Government
  • Freelancers
  • And many others

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