ChannelGrabber is a multi-channel eCommerce management software.

It keeps track of the inventory across all your webstores, lists all your sales channels so you can see them in one place, records all of your online orders and allows you to pick, pack and dispatch.

When you update stock levels on any of your platforms, ChannelGrabber updates this information everywhere you sell online. This lets you offer all of your stock in all of your webstores and manages the inventory levels for you so you never accidentally oversell.

When you do sell, these sales will be automatically recorded in KashFlow as invoices. (The importer runs daily, so don’t worry if an invoice doesn’t appear immediately.) Then the invoice should be attached to the right customer.

To set up, sign in with ChannelGrabber’s modules page and enter your KashFlow username and password. Once this is set up you can really get started!

ChannelGrabber integrates with most webstores so you can sell across several platforms. Please contact ChannelGrabber if you have any questions about this.


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