BookingBug is an online booking, enquiry and reservation systems for almost any business offering services. With our embeddable widgets your business’s live information can go anywhere your clients find you!

It’s easy to use so you can started quickly and without complex set-up or training. Like KashFlow, BookingBug is a pay-as-you-go service, so there’s no long term lock-in and just one easy monthly fee while you use the service.

Features include:

BookingBug is quick and simple to sign-up and is free to trial for 14 days. Here’s a summary of how BookingBug works with KashFlow:

  • Take online payments for services, resources or events and feed transaction directly into KashFlow!
  • Keep track of your contacts and their booking history such as event tickets purchased, classes attended, rooms rented.
  • Any business can feed their bookings, reservations, or request-for-quotes directly into KashFlows account system to keep accounts up to date and accurate!
  • Use BookingBug to easily offer any type of service or resource online, and then push your calendar to multiple sites while still keeping track of all payments in one easy spot with KashFlow.

By integrating BookingBug with KashFlow you get a distributed network of affiliates were you can advertise your real-time availability and take bookings instantly.

For more information and to get a 14-day free trial, visit

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