Complete mileage overview

Get a complete overview of all your business trips using our unique mileage module dashboard. It lists all your journeys, distance values and dates, allowing you to export them in bulk.

KashFlow Mileage Dashboard.
KashFlow Mileage Google Integration.

Automatically calculate distance & routes

KashFlow allows you to log every aspect of your journey. Integrating with Google Maps API allows us to automatically calculate the distance of the journey for you and gives you the option to choose your selected route.

Attach fuel receipts & calculate VAT

Easily attached images of fuel receipts to each journey so you have a complete record of your journey and cashflow. KashFlow will calculate the VAT on each journey.

KashFlow Mileage attach receipts.
KashFlow Mileage Self Assessment Report.

Self-Assessment Report

View or download the amount you can claim back from your business using the KashFlow Self-Assessment Report which includes car, van and travel expenses. This makes completing the SA103 easy.

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