TaxAssist Accountants Edinburgh

TaxAssist Accountants Edinburgh

113 St Johns Road, Corstorphine, Edinburgh, EH12 7SB
Website | Tel: 0800 0523 555

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Company Overview

TaxAssist Accountants in Edinburgh is a different type of accountancy practice.

Think about it this way: most accountants promote the quality of their accounts as the number one thing that customers should think about when choosing an accountant.  You know the sort of thing ‘Come to us; our accounts are great’.

But , really, the accounts – the product supplied by an accountant – should be a given.  They should be all the same, give or take interpretation and mistakes.  After all, the all come from the same raw materials.

To put it another way the only time the accounts should be an issue to clients is when they are wrong.

TaxAssist Accountants in Edinburgh think a little differently.  Sure, the accounts have to be right, but that’s the very least a client should expect.

So the point of difference, then, is the level of service delivered to each and every client.  TaxAssist in Edinburgh exists for three reasons, to help small businesses understand their business, have fun with it and enjoy visiting their accountant.

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