Software Company Solves Global Warming, rejects Nobel Prize

As world leaders prepare for the Climate Change Summit later this year, a London-based software company claims to have the answer to global warming.

They say that a single company moving to web-based software saves the same amount of CO2 emissions as generated by two return flights to New York each year.

KashFlow, the company that specialises in jargon-free online accounting software, today claimed on its blog that by moving to web-based software a typical small business can reduce its CO2 emissions by 3.5 tonnes per year.

Web-based software uses less electricity to deliver the software because users all run the software from a central server rather than each having their own. It also means small business can replace computers less frequently as less processing power is needed.

Besides reduced power consumption and PCs lasting longer, web-based software has a number of other strong green credentials including saving on the need to produce and deliver boxes, CDs and thick manuals.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve just saved the world from global warming.”  said Duane Jackson, KashFlows Founder and CEO, “But please don’t give me the Nobel Prize, it should go to Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web. Its beyond belief that he doesnt have one already”

Earlier this year KashFlow offered their software for free to anyone that could send them software in a box from their old-fashioned competitors which they would then burn on a huge bonfire. The companies plans went up in smoke when a video posted on YouTube showing a Sage box burning was seen by 25,000 people and resulted in a warning from the Environment Agency that they could be fined £20,000 if they proceeded with the unauthorised fire.

Jackson posted on Twitter to say “The blog post is a bit light-hearted, but there’s a serious message there. Web-based software is clearly better for the environment”


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