OPTIMIST PRIME: UK small businesses fired up for 2013, says KashFlow research

A new census of UK SMEs from KashFlow suggests an overwhelmingly positive outlook for the coming year, despite widespread pessimism elsewhere

Despite a seemingly downcast autumn statement, small businesses remain positive, with almost three-quarters of those questioned anticipating a positive and successful 2013. KashFlow, the award-winning accountancy software business that provides flexible accounting systems for small business owners, has found that the vast majority (70%) of small UK businesses are enthusiastic about the year ahead compared with the previous twelve months and that there has been a gradual upward curve in fortunes since 2011.

  • Smaller businesses see the current economic context as an opportunity for growth and improvement.
  • Morale amongst small businesses has been rising steadily since 2011.
  • KashFlow’s research surveyed 600 small business owners and accountants focusing attention on predictions for business performance in 2013.
  • Over half of respondents (57%) said business was better in 2012 than 2011.
  • KashFlow has been encouraging positive spirit with various initiatives to foster entrepreneurial flair.
  • Founder Duane Jackson believes that the Government needs to do more to support the ‘kernel of British growth’ through better representation.


Duane Jackson, CEO of KashFlow commented:

“On the day of George Osborne’s Autumn Statement I spoke with other entrepreneurs about the overall tone of the address. Most of us agreed that the whole thing came across as downbeat, but this seemed in direct contrast with our peers that feel there is reason to be cheerful in 2013.

“This new research suggests that the business owners and the accountants that support them – the ones at the front line of British business – believe the current situation is defined by opportunity rather than melancholy. It’s time we stopped looking at our shoes and moping – this is a year that British businesses is overwhelmingly positive about.”

Duane Jackson continued:

“The Government remains out of touch with small and growing businesses and the things that matter to them – although the Autumn Statement touched on measures that will improve the lives of small business owners, there is a lot more that could be done to capitalise on their positive outlook at the current economic climate.”

He added:

“Small business owners and entrepreneurs are the kernel of economic growth in a climate that requires doers rather than naysayers,”

“They are hardy, optimistic and, in many cases, self sustaining. They don’t rely on handouts or government support to succeed, but they do need policy and regulatory framework to be supportive rather than restrictive.”

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