New Webservice Enables Automated Accounting.

Large and small web retailers will be delighted to hear that they no longer have to manually enter sales details into their bookkeeping software as KashFlow has launched a new and innovative webservice.

One downside of having a highly successful web or offline retail business is the fact that the more items that are sold to individuals the more paperwork is generated for the company owner in terms of manually entering customer information and sales data into a separate systems.

This issue has now been solved thanks to a leading UK based accounting software company that has developed a unique webservice whereby the vendors ecommerce site can automatically enter all of the necessary data into their KashFlow software.

Speaking about the new webservice, Duane Jackson, KashFlow Managing Director said,

“We solved the problem of keeping accounting records being a boring, intimidating, and complex task – but as usual, solving one problem uncovered another. A lot of our customers told us that our software really made the bookkeeping a lot easier and allowed them to focus on other areas of their business. This then generated increased sales for them”.

He continued, “The problem with extra sales though is the extra admin it creates. The new webservice allows a lot of this admin to be automated”.

Jason Lipton runs Porta-charge, a company that sells mobile phone accessories online, he has recently had his web site upgraded to make use the webservice.

He says “I dreaded sitting down at the end of every week to enter details of all of our sales into the computer. Now I open my accounting software and it’s already done for me – always up to date and no room for human error. It’s like magic!”

Quick Formations Limited (QFL) is one of the UK’s leading online company formation agents. QFL is in the process of upgrading their business systems to integrate with the KashFlow API.

The Managing Director of QFL, Richard Osborne, said,

“We have always been at the cutting edge of technology with our formations software. It’s great to be able to work with an accounting product that’s also very innovative. Their system allows us to record large volumes of accounting data very quickly and very accurately”

As Jackson points out, “Linking up to an ecommerce website is just one use for the webservice. There are so many possibilities now that people can link in virtually anything with their accounting software.”

KashFlow are working with other software vendors and hope that there will soon be a range of off-the-shelf products that are already integrates with the webservice.

The webservice is now publicly available. More information can be found by visiting

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