New Online Tool Helps Small Businesses Manage Their Accounts.

KashFlow, an online tool specifically designed to help owner managers of small businesses manage their accounts is officially launched today.

KashFlow gives owner managers hands-on control over all their business finances. It is a simple, jargon free online tool that actually guides business people in managing their accounts effectively. It requires no installation, software training or prior knowledge of accountancy.

Many small businesses do not integrate accounting practices to a reasonable level causing a lack of financial control and consequent cash flow problems. This is one of the main contributory factors to the failure of 70 per cent of businesses within their first year.

Too often accountancy software is designed for accountants, not busy owner managers. Applications that are supposed to make managing business accounts easier can be excessively complicated and far from user friendly. The simplicity of KashFlow saves time that business people would otherwise spend learning accountancy and how to use often complex accountancy products.

KashFlow gives owner managers hands-on control over their business finances, enabling them to:

  • create, print and email professional, tailored invoices
  • save time chasing payment by simplifying the sending of reminder letters for unpaid invoices
  • save time working on tax returns by automating VAT calculations
  • log payments received and purchases made
  • receive automated prompts when invoices become overdue
  • manage the business’s client base, identifying profitable and problematic customers
  • identify and nurture their best business sources.

Business Intelligence

Small businesses often do not have the time and ‘know how’ to properly invest in business analysis. Using KashFlow is a simple and time-efficient way for small businesses to monitor their business performance.

KashFlow translates often incomprehensible business data into meaningful graphical reports of business performance that anybody can understand and most importantly, act upon. These include reports of monthly sales and income, product/service sales per month, income generated from products/services and income generated by particular customers.

Duane Jackson , Managing Director of KashFlow Software said, “KashFlow is a simple online tool allowing tasks to be completed quickly, with just a few simple clicks. Users know instinctively where to click to perform almost any accountancy task. With KashFlow, owner managers are able to effectively manage their accounts with no need for software training or prior knowledge of accountancy. Our first users have found that KashFlow takes the boredom out of managing a company’s accounts.

The look and feel of KashFlow is as important as its functionality. Traditional accountancy solutions display information as lists of numbers on a grey background, conveying feelings of depression and a lack of energy. KashFlow has been designed using blues – promoting thought, intelligence and mental stimulation – and pinks – inspiring physical tranquility, nurture, and warmth – to create a more interactive and stimulating product.”

KashFlow uses the same encryption techniques as internet banking so data is safe. As it’s an online tool, there is no software to download and accounts can be accessed from anywhere – at home, in the office or at a client site.

All users benefit from a free, no obligation 60-day trial. The first paid 12 month subscription is £149.00 + VAT, and subsequent annual renewals are £99.00 + VAT. Monthly subscriptions cost only £13.99 per month.

Trials and subscriptions are available at

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