Making Monkey Business of SME Marketing with KashFlow and MailChimp

SMALL businesses now have the power of the big boys at their fingertips – thanks to an innovative accounting system.

KashFlow, the British startup company that launched with the help of the Prince’s Trust, has integrated with MailChimp to provide a valuable service for small companies, allowing them to unlock a wealth of information buried in their accounting data, similar to Tesco’s loyalty cards, at no extra cost.


The partnership allows small to medium businesses (SMEs) to capitalise on intelligence, by sending highly targeted emails to sections of their customer base. 

Duane Jackson, managing director of KashFlow, says: “Our customers are used to having all of their invoicing and accounting tasks made really easy and they often ask us to recommend products that are equally as affordable, easy-to-use and well supported.

“So many big businesses store up intelligence about their customers and use it for targeted marketing, now small businesses need to get smart and use this powerful technolog too. Our integration with MailChimp helps them do just that – tailor their marketing for better results.”

He adds: “MailChimp is a very successful US company. Like KashFlow, Mailchimp has ‘bootstrapped’ – it has managed to grow without any investment from venture capitalists and the like.”

Company accounts contain a wealth of intelligence, such as who has bought what and when and how much they’ve spent and how often. 

The integration between KashFlow and MailChimp gives you the  ability to push all of your customer information (name, address, number of invoices, total invoiced, etc) into MailChimp’s software. Then, you can easily send emails to your customers.

You can just send newsletters to all of your customers, or make offers to a specific set of customers. For example, you can target all those who have spent more than (or less than) a certain amount, or perhaps those that have only bought once.

Mailchimp gives you a range of tools and reports that will make it easy to create these emails. You can even track who opened your emails and who clicked on your links and use that data for follow-up campaigns.

Jackson says:  “When we at KashFlow started using MailChimp for our own email marketing, we knew our customers would love it too. Until now, when people have asked how to email all of their customers, we’ve advised them to use the CSV/Excel download to import into one of the many products on the market.

“That ends with the release of seamless integration with MailChimp.”

How much does it cost? There’s no charge from KashFlow for using this additional service.

If you’ve got fewer than 2,000 customers and plan on sending fewer than 12,000 emails a month (that’s probably most of us) then there’s no charge from MailChimp, either.


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