KashFlow strengthens its mobile strategy with introduction of iPhone app

KashFlow announced today that it has released a versatile, new iPhone app for the award winning online accounting software that will allow its 5,000 small business users fast access to data on the move.

Real-time financial and operational data delivered directly to the iPhone will help drive efficiency by ensuring quality and transparent information is available when decisions need to be made quickly.

In addition, the new app supports mobile business by allowing receipts to be photographed with the iPhone as soon as they are received, they are then uploaded to the app and safely stored in KashFlow, freeing the user from the worry of forgetting to enter expenses.   

The new app has been designed to provide an easy and powerful experience with easy navigation from screen to screen and will broaden the appeal of the software. The app makes it possible to run the financials from any location with instant access to a full overview with detailed information that includes lists of unpaid and overdue invoices, account balances and contact details for all customers. Invoices can be generated with the app, reviewed and e-mailed to the appropriate customer and new receipts can be created. 
Duane Jackson, KashFlow CEO said: “We are excited that this new iPhone app allows KashFlow customers quality data at their fingertips. This is a great example of how advances in mobile technology are making smart phones capable of performing everyday business tasks. The ability to access real-time financial information is invaluable to small businesses that need to focus on creating further efficiencies aided by the latest developments in technology. ”
Within hours of the launch of the iPhone app, KashFlow entered the ‘Apps Top 20’ listing and the number of downloads now stands at 500.  The potential for the app is considerable with the company estimating that 30% of its customers use iPhones.
Duane added: “Interestingly, as well as existing users downloading it, we are also seeing interest from new customers who first heard about KashFlow having seen the app on iTunes.”
There are now 30 ‘connectors’ to KashFlow making it the most connected accounting system for the small business. These comprise payroll, e-commerce, CRM, time and project management systems, fully managed payroll processing houses and others such as PayPal, BookingBug, Getting Paid, KashGuard, Permalink, ReceiptAngel, ViaPost and WHMCS.

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