KashFlow provides ‘open-source’ infographic of PR tips for small businesses

Cloud computing company offers advice for small companies to help get the word out about their brands.

KashFlow, the award-winning cloud-based accounting software company has compiled an infographic of top tips for generating publicity for your startup. Having grown from modest roots, the company is familiar with the importance and potential impact of effective PR and is passing on its knowledge to new businesses.

  • KashFlow has secured numerous features and comment pieces over the years, thanks to PR.
  • The company wishes to assist entrepreneurs and startups by passing on this knowledge.
  • The infographic is free for startups to publish on their sites and share with other bloggers and enterprises to spread the word.
  • KashFlow is also working with The Prince’s Trust to support young businesses financially as well as through mentoring.


Duane Jackson, Founder and CEO of KashFlow commented:

“PR has always been a really vital element of our marketing strategy. Word of mouth is the most effective way of positioning your brand and getting people talking about your products and services.”

Duane continued:

“We employ a PR agency, but we recognise that when we started, it wasn’t something we could afford right away. During those first stages, we learnt a lot about how to create buzz on a budget and we’re eager to offer that advice to other startups and enterprises.”

Duane commented:

“PR and publicity is such an intangible area of marketing that many new business owners, who may be experienced in traditional advertising, tend to be skeptical about it. It’s seen as something to get into a few years down the line, but can actually provide massive value for startups, especially given the current media climate, which is much more open to talking to entrepreneurs and new businesses than it used to be.”

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