KashFlow introduces new ReceiptAngel integration

KashFlows mission to make accounting simpler for small businesses, has moved another step forward with the announcement that its software now seamlessly integrates with the ReceiptAngel service. This will relieve the 5,000+ UK businesses using the cloud accounting software, KashFlow, of the worry of losing receipts and bills allowing each item to be scanned quickly and easily and stored securely.

This is an exciting break-through for the small businesses that are mobile during the working day, e.g. plumbers and find it difficult to account for every purchase when they come to update their financial records at the end of the week or the month. Using the mobile, lightweight scanner, receipts and bills can be scanned near to the time of the transaction ensuring their details are captured. 

Businesses are given the option of either entering the details of the supplier, restaurant etc manually themselves or they can ask one of the ‘Angels’ at ReceiptAngel to carry out the data entry for a nominal fee. The scanned image with the relevant details of the purchase, are then sent directly to the KashFlow accounting system and it is shown in the list of Purchases.
The time consuming and onerous task of keeping receipts and remembering to enter them into the accounts system is completely eradicated with this new link-up between two systems that are designed for today’s online and increasingly mobile business environment.
The ease with which receipts can be processed makes it an ideal solution for small businesses, IFAs, the catering trade, sales teams, consultants, plumbers and electricians, and bookkeepers and accountants.
Duane Jackson, CEO of KashFlow uses the application himself and is excited at its potential. He commented: “Keeping hold of receipts can be difficult especially when out of the office. This new link up with ReceiptAngel delivers yet another way of creating efficiencies by driving processes online.”
Barry James, CEO, ReceiptAngel.co.uk said: “KashFlow pioneered ‘Cloud’ accounting in the UK by providing an excellent, easy to use, online accounting system and is fast winning market share. This integration further adds to its appeal by getting rid of paperwork and removing the need for what everyone agrees was a wasteful and tiresome chore.”
A committed user of the new system, Stephen Jones, IFA, said: “I used to hate this job – it took me hours finding my receipts let alone typing them up. Now it’s simple and seamless. "

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