KashFlow Grows Up to Attract Accountants.

The bookkeeping software package is no longer just aimed at SME’s as this week it has announced that it has added extra functionality to make it the best option for accountants as well.

This week sees the launch of a whole host of extra functionality for the accounting and bookkeeping software package KashFlow. As well as continuing to appeal to the SME market the new areas will enable accountants to carry out all the professional reports they need without having to use any other accounting software packages.

The KashFlow development team have been working hard in order to formally announce the release of a journal and complete set of accountant’s reports that include:

Balance Sheet

Profit and Loss

Trial Balance

Aged Debtors and Creditors

Nominal Ledger

The move comes as a direct result of KashFlow’s popularity with the SME market and the fact more and more accountants were starting to use and refer the software to their clients.

The company started to get feedback from accountants that whilst terms like “Balance Sheet”, “Trial Balance” and “Aged Debtors and Creditors” meant nothing to SME’s they are essential tools for accountants.

Speaking about the new functionality Duane Jackson, Managing Director of KashFlow said,

“The new additions mean that whilst we continue our crusade to more enable SME’s to do their bookkeeping using our user-friendly software we can give accountants what they need as well. When KashFlow was initially launched the plan was to just have the system export to Sage in order for accountants to extract and complete the necessary reports.

He continued, “Whilst exporting to Sage is still possible our new functionality means accountants can now use KashFlow in a self contained way with no need to use Sage at all.”

Deborah Corbett, TaxAssists franchisee of the year, said,

“KashFlow handles double entry in a very clever way. It means that my clients are very confident in using the software but I can also get the reports I need from the system.

She continued, “In many ways it’s better than other products we use. For a start we can access live data that has literally just been entered by the client. The ability to be able to drill down from the reports to the actual transactions that make up the figure is a real plus too.”

KashFlow launched its flagship product, an online tool specifically designed to help owner-managers in small businesses manage their accounts, in mid 2005. Since that time it has quickly won a significant share of the valuable accounting software market along with launching a new direct to accountant division in late 2006.

KashFlow recently won a second round of venture capital funding from Lord Young of Graffham, former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and ex Chairman of Cable and Wireless.

The KashFlow accounting package is securely hosted online, requires no installation and can be trialled for free by visiting https://www.kashflow.com/ . The site also displays examples of feedback from actual users.

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