KashFlow Adds Integrated SaaS Payroll

Leading UK Web-based accounting software company, KashFlow, has today added a variety of payroll options to its software, enabling it to more effectively service bigger companies that would have previously had to manually enter figures from a third-party application

As part of its ongoing drive to integrate with other applications, there is now seamless integration with HMRC accredited web-based payroll application ThePayrollSite.co.uk.

KashFlow Managing Director, Duane Jackson said “Our list of integrated applications already includes the cream of the crop from the E-commerce, Time & Project Management and CRM  world. I’m really pleased we now have seamless integration with ThePayrollSite.co.uk too. It’s a slick, easy-to-use product so it fits really well with our mission of making accounting easy for SMEs that aren’t trained in accountancy”


He added, "This is a really significant milestone in our integration strategy. Payroll is so closely aligned with accounting and it was important for us to find an appropriate solution for our customers. I beleive we’ve now done that."


Users of ThePayrollSite.co.uk simply enter their KashFlow credentials, and then click a button after running their payroll to send all of the accounting data to the KashFlow application. This results in entries for Employers NI, SMP, Pension contributions, etc being entered into the financial accounts with no room for human error.


For customers that want to use a payroll processing service there is the option to use a service called PayEscape. This is also fully integrated with KashFlow. Once you’re set up with PayEscape you just enter into their website the number of hours your staff have worked and they take care of the rest – from producing payslips to sending the accounting data to KashFlow.


12Pay.co.uk, a locally-installed windows-only application is also integrated with KashFlow and online payroll software company Payroo say they’ll be integrated with KashFlow too within a matter of weeks.

A full list of applications integrated with KashFlow, along with more information on the above, can be found at www.KashFlow.co.uk/addons.asp

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