IRIS simplifies bookkeeping for small businesses and accountants with the launch of IRIS Snap for KashFlow

Today, IRIS is announcing the availability of IRIS Snap to liberate time small businesses and accountants spend on bookkeeping. Part of the KashFlow suite of products, IRIS Snap is exclusively available to IRIS accountants whose clients’ use KashFlow.

IRIS Snap provides accountants with a mobile app-led service to enable their clients to simply take photos of their business records. The service removes the need for manual data entry for both small businesses and accountants, improving the accuracy of records and reducing the time spent by accountants chasing incomplete records.

IRIS Snap capitalises on the changing behaviour of smartphone usage; 85 per cent of UK adults are now using a smartphone device[i] daily with 42 per cent regularly using smartphone applications[ii]. Using the IRIS Snap app, an accountant’s small business clients can capture photos of receipts, invoices, purchase orders and bank statements for seamless processing by IRIS into digital records ready for the accountant to review and publish directly into KashFlow.

The changing nature of app-led services is also reflected in the recent IRIS Voice of the Accountant research, which highlighted that 52 per cent of accountants use or would consider using a mobile accountancy app in the future. Over two thirds (67 per cent) believe their practice will depend on more client self-service apps in the next three years and 62 per cent are already encouraging less digitally minded clients to move their bookkeeping online.

Nick Gregory, Chief Product & Marketing Officer for IRIS Accountancy explains, “Smaller businesses do not want the administrative overhead of bookkeeping, yet readily embrace on-the-go use of mobile apps to manage their business. Offering an app for small businesses to capture digital records, combined with a bookkeeping service based on KashFlow, simplifies the lives of small businesses and accountants alike, making them both more efficient and productive.”

IRIS Snap early adopter Chris Kember, Partner at Sinden Thackeray Partnership, an accountancy practice based in Medway, Kent says, “IRIS Snap app is an incredibly fast, accurate and easy to use service. It reduces the considerable time we spend chasing clients’ records, improves record keeping and reduces the amount of time manually entering data. As a result, it has enabled us to free up time to focus on more value-added services.”

Further information about IRIS Snap can be found at www.iris.co.uk/snap

For a full report of the Voice of the Accountant research, please contact iris@berkeley.global

[i] https://www2.deloitte.com/uk/en/pages/technology-media-and-telecommunications/articles/mobile-consumer-survey.html
[ii] https://www.statista.com/statistics/717143/use-of-smartphone-phone-application-in-the-uk/

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