British business shows its pants to Olympics travel chaos

Cloud based accounting software provider KashFlow has found that over half of UK British people will be taking advantage of using online services by working from home during the games in London. More surprisingly, 56% admitted they would take the opportunity to work in just their underwear at some point during the Olympics

  • UK SMEs are making plans to work from home to avoid transport chaos.
  • KashFlow has noticed an increase on the number of IP addresses from each user as many users are now accessing the site from multiple devices in preparation for the games.
  • The CIPD found that two fifths of London employers plan to encourage their staff to work from home.
  • Workers based out of London will also be opting to work from home in order to view the games whilst they work.
  • Companies using cloud based computing systems such as KashFlow will be able to operate remotely much more easily and offer their staff more flexibility.


Duane Jackson, Founder and CEO stated:

“Let’s face it: we all work at home in our pants, the point is now that there will be a lot of people doing it at the same time. We are used to our clients accessing the KashFlow system from mobile devices but in the past week we have seen 12% more users using the software from a mobile device compared to any other week in the past twelve months. We expect to see this increase again in the next two weeks as users opt to work from alternative locations in an attempt to avoid the travel disruptions.”

Duane Jackson continued:

“It will be interesting to see cloud based computing systems come into their own during the Olympics as more users opt to work from home. We found it pretty amusing that of those choosing working from home, half will do so in their underwear. Let’s hope they don’t have to do any video conferencing.”

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