#BreakTheMould on Blue Monday: KashFlow offers commuters the tools to start a business on the gloomiest day of the year

‘Break glass here’ emergency points will give commuters the essential tools to kick start their own enterprises. 

Monday 21st January is ‘Blue Monday’, not only the most depressing day of the year, but also the day people are most likely to quit their jobs. This year, despite the economic downturn and inclement weather, KashFlow will be giving commuters a reason to be cheerful. The cloud-based accounting software company is installing emergency points across London’s busiest commuter districts to relieve them of the daily slog.


  • Each emergency point will contain a £50 note, a subscription to KashFlow’s Accounting Software system and a letter from the Founder, Duane Jackson, challenging those bold enough to break the glass to follow their dream and set up their own enterprise.
  • These tools will be contained in ‘Break glass here’ frames situated in the gloomiest commuter districts in London including Westminster Bridge, Old Street Roundabout and Bank station from 7am on 21st January.
  • The recent recession has generated more negativity towards business, and this installation provides an escape route from the current downturn to embark on a potentially groundbreaking startup.
  • This incentive sits in line with a number of activities from KashFlow that all aim to encourage young people and entrepreneurs to pursue their business ideas.
  • The hashtag associated with the activity is #BreakTheMould, which commuters can follow on Twitter to find out where the emergency points can be found.


Duane Jackson, Founder of KashFlow commented:

“I want to encourage would-be entrepreneurs to use Blue Monday as a reason to kick start their own enterprise in 2013. Blue Monday is an annual focus for reasons to be negative, but that’s an unhealthy attitude that can really damage motivation; it’s time the UK sat up and embraced its potential.”

Jackson continued:

“The current economic climate is crying out for more small businesses to increase trade in the UK. If Blue Monday stands to be the day when people quit their jobs, why not use this as a chance to be your own boss? Entrepreneurs can be the driving force behind a positive change for this country, all it takes is the determination to succeed. Most people will say they don’t have the money, tools or motivation to follow their dream, but we’ve ticked all three boxes with this little kit, so there are no more excuses!”


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