Apple Mac Users Get Their Own Accounting Software.

A small design company who were so annoyed that they could not find suitable book-keeping and accounting software package that could be used on their Apple Mac computers went out and built the program themselves, and it has now launched nationally thanks to venture capital backing.

KashFlow has a 60 day free trial and is an online tool specifically designed to help freelancers and owner managers in small businesses manage their accounts. Since its launch it has won a sizeable amount of market share, and more importantly, plaudits from business owners across the UK.

In early 2006 the Rt. Hon. Lord Young of Graffham, former Secretary of State for Employment and Trade and Industry, invested a significant amount of capital in the accounting software development company.

Duane Jackson, Managing Director and one of the lead designers behind KashFlow commented, “In our creative role as Mac users we were really frustrated at not having the same level of accounting software available to us as PC users so we just thought, lets build a system ourselves, and a year later we have launched a product that is performing better than expected and has attracted high-profile supporters such as Lord Young”.

Feedback from Apple Mac users has been very positive, Stephen Carpenter runs IUVO Design Studio in London and commented, “We had all the usual book-keeping difficulties that come with being a mac only design studio until we signed up to KashFlow. This is a great piece of kit that not only allows us to easily keep track of where we are at financially, but the reports also enable us to monitor where our sales are coming from and better understand which parts of our business are most profitable”.

Jacqueline Macdougall from Creacom Design based in Scotland commented, “I have been impressed with the software for a number of reasons, not least because is it is easy to use and goes beyond just an accounting solution, but also its wider features such as creating invoices and measuring marketing campaign responses, makes it a vital business tool”

Jacqueline continued, “The fact that it has been born out of real business owners not being able to find a product that they could use themselves helps a lot as they know what we really need in terms of functionality and reports”.

KashFlow does not only allow freelancers and small business owners to immediately see their financial position, but also gives regular updates on outstanding fees and bills as well as producing valuable reports that show which marketing channels have delivered the most sales.

The KashFlow accounting package is securely hosted online, requires no installation and can be trialled for free by visiting . The site also displays examples of feedback from actual users

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