Accountants See Cameron as the Small business Hero to Cut Red Tape.

Research from a leading small business bookkeeping software company has revealed that nearly 40% of accountants believe that the greatest barrier to growth of small businesses is red tape and predict David Cameron is the best person to fix the issue.

Research revealed today has shown that nearly 40%1 of accountants believe that the biggest barrier to growth of small businesses in the UK is red tape.

The survey, carried out by KashFlow shows that despite the Governments pledge to reduce the legislative burden on small businesses the company owners themselves are still struggling to come to terms with all the administration and red tape.

The survey also revealed that nearly 70%2 of accountants asked say that they see David Cameron as the better option to Gordon Brown when it comes to lowering the legislative barriers that prevent small businesses from growing.

In the last few years despite governments pledges new legislation including the Age Discrimination Act, New Employment and Workers Rights laws have meant that small business owners have had to spend an increasing amount of time learning how their company can remain compliant.

The new wave of red tape does not even take into account the burden placed on companies who wish to try and enter a regulated market place.

Commenting on the survey, Managing Director of KashFlow, Duane Jackson said, “The survey we commissioned has revealed that accountants believe small business owners have a really tough time of it trying to keep up with every change in legislation and red tape”.

He continued, “Accountants who are using our Partner Programme are regularly telling us how much they like its simplicity and the fact it allows them to just get on with their job, no strings or red tape included”.

Alan Moore is an accountant from Alpha Business and Accounting Services and he commented, “There has not been a year go by in recent times when businesses have not had either new regulations and legislation pending, or are seeing a new chunk of red tape banging at their door”.

KashFlow launched its flagship product, an online tool specifically designed to help owner-managers in small businesses manage their accounts, in mid 2005. In early 2006 the Rt. Hon. Lord Young of Graffham, former Secretary of State for Employment and Trade and Industry, invested a significant amount of capital in the accounting software development company.

In late 2006 the company launched its Partner Programme which is a service provided to Accountants to help them to manage their SME clients accounts. Accountants are able to brand the KashFlow software with their own colours and logo, provide a copy of the online-software to their clients to enable them to review each businesses financial position with just one click of a button.

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