A Virtuous Circle: Partnership between The Prince’s Trust and KashFlow designed to inspire ‘Generation DIY’

KashFlow to invest in unique partnership to help a new generation of startups.

KashFlow Accounting Software, the cloud-based technology enterprise, has agreed a partnership with youth charity The Prince’s Trust, combining real-world advice with practical support and significant financial backing for young people looking to start their own businesses. This will work in conjunction with The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise programme that helps unemployed young people to set up in business.

  • KashFlow, originally supported by the Prince’s Trust, will be reinvesting by giving businesses supported by the charity the opportunity to use KashFlow from day one.
  • KashFlow will offer an extended free period and donate 35% of all top line revenues generated beyond that back to The Prince’s Trust.
  • Founder Duane Jackson believes the initiative will create a wave of new business to help restart the economy and create employment opportunities for young people.
  • This is the first in a chain of efforts from KashFlow that will encourage established entrepreneurs to offer help and advice to their younger counterparts.


Duane Jackson, founder and CEO of KashFlow commented:

“It’s shocking that there are more than a million young people out of work, but with a little encouragement and investment, we can turn Generation Y into Generation DIY. There’s a massive pool of creative, innovative talent out there going to waste – we need to give them the confidence to turn a declining economy into an opportunity for themselves.”

Duane continued;

“Entrepreneurship is integral to getting our economy back on the right track, and we need to give young people the support and the belief that they have the capacity to go out and achieve what they want to achieve. The Prince’s Trust gave me the chance to turn my business idea into a success, and now I want to help other young people do the same. Big businesses creating new jobs for young workers isn’t the answer in the current climate, we should be encouraging them to create their own businesses. They can get themselves out of unemployment and as they grow, create more jobs themselves.”

Martina Milburn, chief executive of The Prince’ Trust, said:

“Duane is a fantastic example of one of the thousands of people we help to set up in business every year. With more than a million young people out of work, self-employment can be the answer.

Martina continued;

“With the right support, we believe it is possible to help more young people like Duane to set up successful businesses, creating jobs and giving our economy a much-needed boost. We’re delighted that Duane’s business KashFlow is now helping other Trust-supported entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground.”

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