26m Fine for UK Small Businesses.

Research from a small business book-keeping software company has revealed

that 1/4 of new businesses do not get their accounts prepared on time despite spending an average of 3 hours a week trying to keep records up to date.

Research from a leading UK book-keeping software company has revealed that despite spending on average 3 hours a week on their book-keeping around 25% of small business owners who formed a company in past three years have been forced to pay a £100 penalty for not submitting their accounts on time to Companies House.

The research by KashFlow shows that this has collectively cost small business owners a massive £26m in fines over the last three years. The survey was carried out to establish small business owner’s attitude to accounting and book-keeping.

KashFlow Managing Director, Duane Jackson said, “£26m is a scarily large figure and just goes to show that small business owners are still shying away from over-complicated accounting packages”.

He continued, “We at KashFlow strive to make Book-keeping easier to process and manage in order to reduce the risk of failing to get company accounts in on time”.

Bob Austin works for the London Youth Support Trust, an organisation that helps small businesses get off the ground and he commented, “We welcome book-keeping packages such as KashFlow that makes keeping financial records up to date so much easier and helps prevent small businesses from receiving those much dreaded fines”.

In early 2006 the Rt. Hon. Lord Young of Graffham, former Secretary of State for Employment and Trade and Industry, invested a significant amount of capital in the accounting software development company.

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