Jim Green

The Green Agency


When I set up the Green Agency, my accountant suggested I buy myself some accounting software – something simple. After doing some research online, I found three that I liked the look of – QuickBooks, MYOB and KashFlow. KashFlow was offering a free trial, so I signed up to that to see me through the immediate term, while I decided what I would use for my permanent solution. I was pleasantly surprised how easy and intuitive the KashFlow system was to use, so it didn’t take much time to get my details (and those of my clients and suppliers) loaded up. I spoke to a friend, who recommended QuickBooks, so I decided that would be my long-term choice. Here came the first problem. Quickbooks didn’t run on a Mac, KashFlow does, so I realised I’d need a second machine to run my accounts software. Not ideal, but a friend donated me an old Windows laptop and I was up and running. The second issue was as soon as I started using QuickBooks, I realised that it was nothing like as easy to use as my existing KashFlow system. QuickBooks interface was clunky and there were too many buttons and options (some of which try to persuade you to buy other Intuit products!). More like Slowbooks! So I ditched QuickBooks and the two-laptop approach and signed up for KashFlows subscription. It’s been completely plain-sailing ever since. Thanks for keeping my bookkeeping simple, so I can focus on my core business.


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