Getting the most out of Reports

The reports section offers you a number of useful reports.
They are divided in to three sections: General, Income Related and Expenditure Related.
You can read more about the available reports on this page.

We are often adding new reports at the request of our users.


You run a report for any given period, ie: just this month, the whole year, last 90 days, etc.

The reports are clickable. So if you are looking at a report that shows sales broken down by customer, you can click on the part of the pie chart that relates to a customer to be taken to the page containing further details on the customer.


As well as telling you how your business has performed over the previous months, the reports also tell you how your business is like to perform in the months ahead.

This is done by showing you the general trend contained in a specific graph. for instance, the chart to the left shows data in blue and the trend in pink. As the trend is going down lets hope that this refers to telephone call charges as opposed to sales!

Reports provided can only be as good as the information you supply.


This is why we stress that it is important to provide accurate information on information such as where a new customer heard about your product/service.

This may not seem important on a per customer basis, but when you have a few months of data available you can find out which of your sources of business have been most lucrative.

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