The first thing you’ll notice about KashFlow when you log in is just how intuitive the interface is. Everything is divided into areas that you’ll access by clicking the relevant tabs.


The image above above shows the ‘Sales’ area. This layout is typical of all other areas within KashFlow’s Accounting Software.

At the top of the page are the tabs that you use to access each area.

Displayed below these tabs is the name of the area you are currently in along with some blue buttons to access often used features of this area. So in this case you have buttons to add a new invoice, to edit your list of products and services and to go to the Repeat Billing area.

If you try to print the page then you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. The print out will only contain the relevant in formation on the page. Extra items that are only for on-screen use (such as the tabs) are not displayed on your print out.


To the right of the page are two drop down lists.

These are used to select which data you want to view. For this example we are viewing a list of sales invoices so we can select to view All Invoices, only unpaid invoices, just the overdue invoices, etc.

The second drop down is for ordering the information. In this area you can order the list of invoices by customer name, value of invoice, etc.

Finally, below all these items is the actual data on the page (not shown in above illustration).


This icon is displayed on virtually every page. Clicking on it will display helpful information regarding the page you are currently viewing.


When you are viewing lists of information, such as sales invoices, the list is spread over a number of pages with 35 entries on each page. Use these buttons to switch between pages. If you want to display all the information on one page then click the ‘All’ button. The button displayed in pink indicates the page you are currently viewing.

Everything described above is consistent across the whole system. Why can’t other accounting packages be so simple?

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