The ‘Customers’ area is where all the information about your customers is stored.

As well as customer information you can also enter a list of sources of business. For instance you may get business from many different places such as your website, a personal referral, directly from an advertisement, etc.

When you have your customers assigned to a particular source you can quickly identify which sources are working well for you and which are not.

You can also see the two customers that you have acquired from this source. You can click on a customer name to view fuller details.For instance, the above page shows a source of business, in this case your website. The cost of the website was £1,000 and you have earned £4,059.60 from it. Looks like a good source of business and money well spent.

You are also shown statistics for this customer including the total amount invoiced, total amount owed and their average time to pay.This page shows you in-depth information about the customer. as well as the standard contact information that you can update. There is also a notes field in which you can enter any information you like.

All invoices ever issued to this customer are listed here for your convenience, along with the invoice date, amount and status.

Simply click on the icon next to the email or website address to send email from your usual email package or to visit their website.

You can quickly jump to a customer’s information page from many places within KashFlo, either click on the customer icon next to an invoice or click on the ‘Customers’ tab to view a complete list.

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