Bank Feeds – Unsupported Banks and Additional Info.

Bank Feeds with Additional Requirements

KashFlow use Yodlee as our service provider for bank support.

At KashFlow, we don’t store your bank login details when you access your transactions. Instead, we securely send them to Yodlee, which logs into your online bank on your behalf. They then retrieve your transactions from your online bank.
Yodlee is a bank aggregation service, and it collects data from 1000s of international banks. We chose them because they are world leaders in bank aggregation. They have over 40 million customers worldwide.

Yodlee supports most banks, however one or two have additional steps needed, or are not currently supported.

These banks include:

Barclays Bank (PINsentry -multi-factor authentication)*
HSBC Business Credit Cards
Allied Irish Bank (Business)
Bank of Ireland (Business)
Lloyds Business Credit Cards
Clydesdale business accounts
Tide Bank

These banks may be in beta, which means work is ongoing to support them. Unfortunately, KashFlow have no direct input over how long this takes. You can, however, get more information on projected timelines and updates from Yodlee direct.


Support for Barclays Bank

Barclay Bank is supported by both KashFlow and Yodlee. For this to work, you will need to use PINsentry multi-factor authentication.

Users who try to connect using PINsentry may make a successful connection to the bank, however, due to the nature of the technology, this type of connection method is not fully supported by our service provider for bank feeds.

As a result, we may not able to support any technical/performance-related issues in such instances. The only connection method fully supported pertaining to this type of Bank is to use an active passcode to connect the account.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have already connected to the bank using PINsentry, you will be required to “Disconnect” the account and then try to re-link the account using an active passcode. Transactions previously imported from the account into KashFlow will still remain in the system but will re-appear in the Bank Feed as “not imported”. Please review these transactions to the ones previously imported and chose the Ignore option where appropriate.

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