Open Mind Commerce

Open Mind Commerce is a online e-commerce platform. To get set up just follow these instructions;

Setting Up

To start, you will need to enable the KashFlow API by going to Apps> API Settings (Top right) and tick the box for Enable API and un-tick the box for Restrict Access by IP.

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Once you have done this run the OpenMindCommerce wizard to configure your store and enter in your KashFlow username and password. Do not change the KashFlow URL unless told to do so, click the Update Configuration button to continue on to the futher settings..

Finally you need to adjust your payment gateways so that authorised payments are automatically marked as paid in your KashFlow account; to do that, in KashFlow just click Settings > Card Options and enter the same gateway information here.


For help visit the Open Mind Commerce support centre at http://www.openmindcommerce.co.uk/support/

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