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Since our acquisition by IRIS in October 2013, we’ve been hard at work thinking about what we can do to make life easier for accountants. We’ve started this by integrating IRIS KashFlow Connect into IRIS Accounts Production, and by aligning what was IRIS Open Payroll into the KashFlow brand and including a seamless integration between that and KashFlow.

Our next step has now been completed and is now live. IRIS KashFlow Connect has now been re-branded IRIS KashFlow Connect and now fully supports our new KashFlow user interface and pricing structure, allowing you to offer the latest version of KashFlow to your clients, on a package that suits them, for an even better price.

This page details all the changes that have been made, answers many common questions, and details instructions on how you can switch your clients or give them the option to switch should you decide to – we’ve given you complete control. Before switching any clients, it is very important to read through this documentation as there have been some changes that you should be aware of.

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What’s New

We’ve just taken our next step and launched our next range of changes including;

  • Re-Branding – The IRIS KashFlow Connect application has had its first re branding and now includes IRIS KashFlow Connect branding throughout. It’s still the same fully functional application that you’ve used previously.
  • Support for New KashFlow – A little over a month ago, we launched New KashFlow. This new application has an entirely new user interface, fully responsive design that can be used on any device (mobile, tablets, desktops), support for additional users (restricted to quotes and invoices only at the moment) and is much much faster and more intuitive. We’ve now made this version available to IRIS KashFlow Connect Partners.
    • Enable at your own discretion – We’ve given you the option to enable the new user interface on a per client bases at your discretion, we won’t be forcing any existing partner or client to switch to the new user interface.
    • Co-branding – we’ve included the ability to co-brand the new application with your own set of custom colours and logo.
    • Pricing – With new KashFlow we launched new tiered pricing on packages of £5, £10 and £15 per month. For partners on our new model, we’ve now adapted IRIS KashFlow Connect to support these packages. You can upgrade a client to any package as required.

This is just a summary of the changes made, a full list is available by clicking the What’s New & Release Notes button below. You should also be aware of the Removed & Modified Settings within New KashFlow and most importantly the Switch Instructions.

You can try new KashFlow immediately by going to https://app.kashflow.com and logging in with your demo account credentials.

Important Documentation

What’s New & Release Notes
Switch Instructions
Removed & Modified Settings

Help & Support

Support as always is available 24/7 by emailing support@kashflow.com

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