IRIS KashFlow Connect – Getting Started Step 3 – Creating Clients

The next step is to create KashFlow accounts for your clients or to send an email invitation to a client to allow them to create an account for themselves. To start, go to IRIS KashFlow Connect > Clients.

Creating an Account

The create an account page in IRIS KashFlow Connect is used to create new KashFlow accounts for your clients. Creating an account here will create the account using your default settings and default nominals you defined earlier and also automatically attach them to your IRIS KashFlow Connect profile. Access this page by going to IRIS KashFlow Connect > Clients > Create an Account.

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OrbitAccounts - Clients - Create New Account

The next page will allow you to create the account. Use the details on this page to;

  • Username – this is the clients username that they will use to log into KashFlow
  • Company Name – this is the client Company Name and will appear in your client area and on their company details
  • Email Address – this is the clients email address where all your IRIS KashFlow Connect communications will be sent as well as KashFlow login details
  • Password & Memorable Word – use these to set a password and memorable word for the clients KashFlow account, the client can later change this in KashFlow > Settings > Change Password. You can also direct your client here for help.
  • Nominal Codes – use the drop down here to select which nominal codes to use when creating the client account. You can define your default nominals for new clients in IRIS KashFlow Connect > Clients > Default Nominals. Please note that you cannot switch nominal sets once the account has been created. If you wished to alter the nominal codes after the account has been created you would have to do so manually.
  • Welcome Email – ticking this box sends the client a welcome email that contains their login details. You can alter the welcome email in IRIS KashFlow Connect > Settings > Welcome Email.
  • Send Auto Emails – ticking this box sends the client the automatic emails you’ve configured in Settings > Auto Emails. These contain useful tips for using KashFlow.

When ready, click Create. This will direct you to the client details page.

Inviting a Client

The invite clients page on IRIS KashFlow Connect allows you to invite new clients to sign up for a KashFlow trial via a custom e-mail. This e-mail contains a link that will allow clients to create a new KashFlow account and automatically be linked to your IRIS KashFlow Connect profile. Access this page by going to IRIS KashFlow Connect > Clients > Invite Clients.

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Use the following options to create the e-mail to send to your clients;

  • To – enter in the clients email addresses here. You can enter in multiple addresses by separating each e-mail with a semi-colon, i.e. address@company.com; address@business.co.uk
  • Subject – this is the subject line of the email
  • Body – this is the main text of the email and should contain the link to your sign up page.

If you make any changes to this e-mail they will be saved for the next time you visit this page. To send the e-mail, click the Send button. To disregard changes click the Cancel button.

Requesting access from an existing KashFlow user client

Your client can use the accountants access feature to allow your to securely view your accounts and run reports whenever you need to. To access this, your client just logins into their KashFlow account and goes to Settings > Accountants Access.

From this page, your client enters in your e-mail address that was used to sign up for IRIS KashFlow Connect Accounts and clicks Search. Your client can grant you immediate access, you will receive an email notification when this has been completed.



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