IRIS KashFlow Connect – Client Details

The client details screen is where you can access all your details on a particular client, manage them and run reports quickly. Access this screen by going to IRIS KashFlow Connect > Clients > Details button next to the client.


From this page, use the following options to;

  • Login – Log in instantly to the clients KashFlow account
  • Reports – Quickly run important financial reports for the client
  • Actions – Use this button to perform quick actions related to the client
    • Login to Account – Log in instantly to the clients KashFlow account
    • Edit Details – Edit the clients company details, prevent the client from editing these details, enable and disable settings and opt this client out from your branding.
    • Upgrade/Renew Licence – Use this option to apply one of your credits to the clients account or purchase and apply a yearly licence for this client
    • Change Password – Change the clients password or memorable word
    • View Journal – View and add journal entries to this clients accounts
    • Transaction Locking – Enable transaction locking to prevent the client changing any transactions prior to a certain date. This is useful if you’ve performed a year end.
    • Bank Transaction Locking – Enable bank account transaction locking to prevent the client changing any transactions within a bank account only prior to a set date. This is useful if you’ve reconciled.
    • Automatic Backup – Enable automatic monthly backups to be emailed to a set e-mail address on a set day of the month.
    • Configure Nominal Codes – Edit this clients chart of accounts.
    • Set Access to Reports – Define on a per report basis which reports your client has access to in their KashFlow account.
    • Set Access to Settings – Set which settings your client can configure or modify.
    • Resend User Guide – Resend the KashFlow user guide to your client


You can view the clients primary contact details by clicking on their name, add further contacts by clicking the Add New Contact button.

At a Glance

Use this section to view graphical charts for this client. Use the date selectors to choose the date range for the report and use the report selector to select either Income by Customer, Profit & Loss or Monthly Income report.

Annual Reminders

Click the Add Reminder button to set a reminder for yourself related to this client. This can be useful to remind you to the Year End or VAT returns.

Upload Files

Use this feature to upload files to this clients details page. This can be useful to keep a record of the clients incorporation certificate or similar.

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