Getting Started with Iris KashFlow Connect – Step 2 – Creating Clients

This article will talk you through how to set up your clients on KashFlow using the Iris KashFlow Connect account you just created. We have tried to make this process as easy as possible so your clients should be set up in no time at all.

To start, you need to know that your clients are always managed through your client list. This is where you can log in to your existing clients and also set up new ones, so the first this to do is go to the Clients option in Iris KashFlow Connect.

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There are two different ways of setting up a client, you can either send them an invitation which includes a link that will take them to a sign up page for them to complete, or you can set up their account for them and then just send them an email with their log in details in.

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To get them to do the sign up process themselves, press to Invite Client and then enter their email address, you can also amend the content of the email to whatever you’d prefer.

To set up the account for them you will need to press the option to Create an Account. If you choose to create a client you need to fill in the details on the client behalf so it will be the username they use to log in, their company name etc. Once finished press Create

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You will then be required to offer more details about the client and configure their settings. By Default we set up the most common options that are used, you can change all of these though.  You may find the below information useful on some of the more technical settings:

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  • Manager – You can set up client managers on Iris KashFlow Connect that allows your staff to log in with their log ins and only access certain clients data, this is where you select the manager.

  • Lock Details – This means your client will not be able to alter any of the data in the account such as creating invoices or changing a payment date.

  • Lock API Settings – This means that your clients can’t integrate with our add on services and that API developers cannot access their account to create custom integrations.

  • Send Auto Emails – This will send all of your configured auto emails to your clients

  • Branding Opt Out – You have the option to brand KashFlow with you colours and logos, enabling this means that the client will get the KashFlow branding and not your own.

  • Remove Suspense Code – By default we enable a suspense code on the account, enable this to remove it

Once finalised press Update. The client is then created and you will be taken back to you client list where you will see that you can now see their Details, Log In to their account or Upgrade to set their billing options, this account is now created.

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Please choose the relevant option below for if you have existing data for the client that needs to be entered or if this client is just setting up form scratch

I have Data that needs to be entered

My Client is setting up from scratch

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