Creating an Invoice

Creating invoices in KashFlow is quick and easy. To create invoices go to Invoices > +Create.

Preparing your Invoice

To create an invoice go to Invoices > +Create. You will then be taken to a page to build your invoice, here you will be prompted for the following information:

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 16.26.22 (2)

  1. Invoice Number – By default the next available highest invoice number is entered here. You can change this number by typing in the box. Please note that the invoice number can only be numeric.
  2. Customer – You will need to start typing the name of the customer the invoice is for here and then select them from the results. If the customer doesn’t exist yet, press the + icon to add a new customer quickly.
  3. Purchase Order/Customer Reference – If the customer has sent you a purchase order for their order with you, you can record the number here. This can help you track down the invoice quicker if the customer later queries the invoice with you.
  4. Address – This should be pre populated with the address you have stored for the customer, pressing into this field will allow you to add one if it doesn’t exist or modify an existing one.
  5. Delivery Address – If you use our packing slip option in Settings-> Invoice Options then you can add an address for delivery that will show on the packing slip.
  6. Issue Date – This is the invoice issue date. By default this is todays date but can be changed by clicking in the box or clicking the calendar icon.
  7. Due Date – This is the date that the invoice needs to be paid from. The date here is based on your default payment terms, although can be changed by typing in the box or clicking the calendar icon.
  8. Currency – If you have more currencies set up in Settings >  Currencies then you can choose the currency to use just here.


Adding Line Items

Once the invoice details are set up you now need to add items to your invoice.

To add a new line to this invoice, click the + Add Line Item button.Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 16.30.57 (2)

  1. Sales Code – Use this drop down to select the Sales Code of this line item. Sales type can be thought of category of sale. Your selection here will affect your profit and loss and other financial reports. You can also use this section for use with products and stock.
  2. Product – If you have products set up on your sales code you can type it here to select it.
  3. Qty – This is the quantity of this line item that you are selling. You can rename or disable this field by going to Settings > Invoice Options > Display Options.
  4. Description – This is the line item description and will appear on your invoice.
  5. Rate – This is the price of the item excluding VAT.
  6. Total – This is the total amount for this line. This is calculated based on your rate, multiplied by the quantity, plus the VAT amount.

If you’ve got VAT enabled you’ll also get 2 VAT options:

  • VAT Rate – This is the VAT rate (%) that should be added to this item
  • VAT – This is the amount of VAT in your currency that is being added. The VAT amount is calculated based on your quantity, multiplied by your net rate, multiplied by your VAT rate. This amount is automatically calculated but can be changed by clicking in the box and editing the number.

If you would like to add more items to this invoice just press to Add Line Item, then just enter the details of the new line item. Once you have finished your invoice press to Save. In the top right of the page you will then be given options to print and email this invoice to the customer.

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