E-Mail a Purchase Order

There may be occasions where you will want to formally request goods and services from your Suppliers, Kashflow handles this as a Purchase Order.

To E-Mail a Purchase Order to your Supplier you will want to go to either:

  1. Purchases > Click on the Purchase you wish to E-MailClick on the E-Mail symbol
  2. Suppliers > Click on the Supplier with the Purchase you wish to order > Transactions > Under Transactions find the Purchase you wish to E-Mail > Under Actions click the down arrow and select Email.

You will now be given a pop-up screen to set the parameters for the E-Mail. The “To” Field will be automatically populated with the E-Mail address specified within the Contact Details for that Supplier, however, if they do not have one or you wish to use another you can simply type directly into the field yourself. At the bottom you can choose to attach further documentation, and to save some time you can specify what E-Mail Template you will use on this occasion, if you have previously created one.

Once done, simply click Send

This will create a Note for the Purchase detailing when it was sent, and to whom.

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