ConnectMyApps is a powerful software integration platform that lets you synchronise data between KashFlow and leading e-commerce, CRM and POS systems.

Your ConnectMyApps Account

Navigate to Apps > ConnectMyApps > Settings and complete the sign-up form to create a 14-day free trial. Using your credentials (you will need to log in as the master admin user), log into the Cloud Manager to link your applications and create a workflow:

  • “Quick Start” > Type the name of the app in the search bar > “New Application”
  • Select your app in the popup dialog and follow the authentication steps > “Save”
  • Press the tick symbol to the right of the app > Repeat the process to select the KashFlow app

ConnectMyApps Quick Start 1

You will then be prompted to customise how your chosen application interacts with KashFlow and give the workflow a name.

ConnectMyApps Quick Start 2

Adding More Applications

Select “Applications” in the left-hand toolbar, click on “New Application” and follow the steps above. All of your registered apps will be listed on this page.

Note: You may be directed towards the login screen for your selected app or to a separate page that will ask for permission to link the app. To continue integrating, you will need to allow these permissions. 

Creating and Customising Workflows

Select “Workflows” in the left-hand toolbar to access the Workflow Wizard and pick the two applications you wish to connect. You will need to press the tick symbol to the right of the new workflow and customise it on the next page.

You can manage the integration by selecting “Workflows” in the left-hand toolbar and using:

  1. “Stop and Play” to activate and de-activate each workflow.

ConnectMyApps Stop and Play

2. “Options” to do one of the following:

  • “Run Now” to run an instant synchronisation of the two applications
  • “Customisation” to answer a series of questions to customise your workflow
  • “View History” to access all historical imports and interactions
  • “Change Schedule” to choose how often your applications synchronise

ConnectMyApps Options 


All data traffic between your web browser and ConnectMyApps is conducted over an encrypted connection. Further information can be found in your Terms and Conditions. 


If you need more help, please contact [email protected]. Alternatively, visit the FAQ section at

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