Bank Feeds

The KashFlow bank feeds service allows you to connect to your online banking service and import your transactions directly from there into your KashFlow account, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Previously, to import transactions from your bank you would have to use our bank transactions CSV importer. This requires you to download (or create) the spreadsheet from your bank, format it correctly according to our guidance and template which can take a substantial amount of time, and then upload it into KashFlow. With bank feeds however, you no longer have to do any of that.

Instead, the bank feeds service connects directly to your bank account via a secure service and presents you with those transactions on screen. You can then choose which nominal code to assign them to and simply click import. All of the transaction details including amount, comment and date are imported immediately into your KashFlow account.

To take advantage of the new bankfeeds capability you need to switch to the new style KashFlow interface.  Instructions on how to switch are available here.

You can also see our video on this here

Bank feeds – Update December 2014 from KashFlow on Vimeo.


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