AIMS Accountants for Business (Leeds)

Alan Cape

Alan goes to great lengths to provide a friendly yet very professional service to his clients. He takes a real interest in their businesses and is always seeking to add value where possible. He has extensive experience of dealing with small and medium businesses in particular sole traders, partnerships and small limited companies.

I find using KashFlow and Orbit to manage my client’s accounts very easy; I usually sit down with clients to find out how they process their sales and purchase invoices, and what categories of expenditure we need to report. I can then set up KashFlow for them with all the appropriate accounts and sales types. Then it’s just a matter of the clients learning how to process purchase invoices and sales, which is extremely easy to pick up. If the client requires any changes (say, an extra expense or sales code) this too is easily done.

By far the most useful features are the ability to access the system wherever you have internet access and the fact that clients and I can both be looking at the same screen to resolve any issues together. As I can see on a regular basis how the client is maintaining their accounts it gives me the ability to quickly access the system and correct any errors, which means that at the year end the accounts can be prepared quickly.

My practice is in Wensleydale, deep in North Yorkshire, where there are more sheep than people! Yet I have clients all over the country, from Scotland all the way down to the south coast of England. KashFlow allows me to discuss accounts with each client as though we were sitting in the same office. Without it I certainly would not have been able to expand into these areas.

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free.