KashFlow prices are changing from 1st October 2016

On 1st October 2016 we are changing KashFlow prices and this communication provides further details on the change.

We know that no one likes price increases – that’s why we’ve kept them as low as possible. Every customer will have seen a lot of new features and service improvements since we last raised our prices in 2012 and the latest changes allow us to continue to invest in the KashFlow application to give you even more functionality and introduce more ways to improve our great service.

From 1st October 2016 the KashFlow package pricing will be as follows:


KashFlow Classic package pricing will increase by £3 / month + VAT. 

KashFlow Business + Payroll package customers will also see pricing adjusted for payroll usage. Find out more in the FAQs section below.

Investing in the online digital future

We’ve done a lot during the last two years to make KashFlow the powerful, easy-to-use, award-winning online bookkeeping solution it is today.  We’ve introduced many successful innovations, including KashFlow Payments, Auto Enrolment, VAT MOSS compliance, Bank Feeds, Intelligent Bank Reconciliation and, more recently, we have integrated KashFlow with ConnectMyApps to extend your commerce integration options, ensuring your business not only remains compliant, but also increases productivity and drives greater efficiencies.

Providing value to the Great British small business

KashFlow is a leading cloud bookkeeping provider to UK SMEs, bookkeepers and accountants.  We don’t spend a penny on a version of KashFlow for other countries. KashFlow is a British solution for British businesses.  What’s more, even after this price change, KashFlow remains one of the most competitively priced online bookkeeping solutions available.

We understand the UK compliance regime better than almost anyone. Our employees represent one of the largest bodies of knowledge of UK legislation and compliance for accountancy, payroll and HR.  This means you can rest assured that KashFlow will keep your business compliant and our customer service team will support you every step of the way.

Providing value to the Great British accountant

To help accountants work more efficiently with their clients online, we introduced the KashFlow Partner Programme to provide a range of tools and benefits to help your clients adopt KashFlow.

KashFlow can be tailored to your brand and delivered as your own value added service, allowing you to strengthen your relationship with your clients.

We’ve made significant improvements to KashFlow, including its seamless integration with IRIS Accounts Production, meaning there is now no need to re-enter your clients’ trial balance to generate their final accounts.  In addition, Management Reports gives you with the ability to create formatted reports for your clients as part of an added value service you provide.

Bank feeds within KashFlow is a major time saving feature for both you and your clients, allowing quick and easy matching of bank transactions to invoices.

Integration goes even further with our new KashFlow Payroll product, a great companion to small businesses that want to work alone or with their accountant to provide a payroll service.

Finally, as HMRC head towards their digital mandate and online tax collection in 2018 with the ‘Making Tax Digital’ regime, we will continue to innovate and invest heavily in KashFlow, supporting you along every step of the UK small business digital revolution.

For more information about the changes to our pricing, and for answers to any questions you may have, please read our FAQs section below.

We welcome your feedback so please get in touch with the KashFlow team if you have any further questions.


Thanks once again for your much appreciated custom.

Steven Cox
Senior Product Director


Frequently Asked Questions


How did you tell customers about the price changes?

We sent an email to our customers on 1st September 2016.


What have you done to improve the value of the KashFlow application and service?

We have introduced many new features over the past few years, including Bank Feeds, Intelligent Bank Reconciliation, KashFlow Payments, Auto Enrolment, VAT MOSS compliance and, more recently, integrated KashFlow with ConnectMyApps. Check out our innovation timeline for more information on these new features and more.


What are the KashFlow Payroll usage adjustment charges?

KashFlow Business + Payroll package customers will see pricing adjust for payroll usage over and above the included in the package.  These new charges are:

  • £2 per company (first company is free)
  • £1 per employee (first 5 employees are free)
  • £1 per automatic enrolment assessment

Please view our KashFlow Payroll FAQs below to understand more about the payroll over-usage billing.


I’ve just subscribed to KashFlow. Does the price increase affect me?

Yes, the price increase is effective from 1st October 2016 for all KashFlow subscribers.


I’m still using KashFlow Classic. Does the price increase affect me?

Yes, your subscription will increase by £3 + VAT per month.  We’ve had to increase our prices across the board and this will be effective from 1st October 2016 for all KashFlow subscribers, no matter which version they are currently using.  Get in touch to find out how the new version of KashFlow can help you become more efficient by taking advantage of all the new features available.


I’m a KashFlow Partner. How does this price change affect me?

If you’re using the new KashFlow pricing model (you don’t pay for KashFlow Connect) your prices are linked to the published prices and this price change takes affect from your renewal date.

If you’re on the old KashFlow pricing model and pay for KashFlow Connect, your client price remains the same.

If you wish to discuss this further, please talk to your account manager or our renewals team directly at kashflowpartners@iris.co.uk


Are you planning any further price changes?

At present, there are no plans to change KashFlow prices further, however we reserve the right to review our prices at any time.

What if I’m unhappy with the price changes?

We’re sorry that you’re unhappy about how the price changes affect you. Get in touch – we’ll help you to get the most out of KashFlow.

Any more questions? Get in touch about the price charges.

KashFlow subscribers: support@kashflow.com

KashFlow Partners: kashflowpartners@iris.co.uk

Payroll Over Usage Billing FAQs

How much are the payroll over usage charges?

  • £2 per company (first company is free)
  • £1 per employee (first 5 employees are free)
  • £1 per automatic enrolment assessment

When will I be billed?

Your billing date remains the same.

What is the billing period for payroll over usage?

You will be billed for payroll over usage relating to the payslips finalised between the 6th of the month to 5th of the following month, over and above the amount included in your bundle (1 company and up to 5 employees are free).


How does payroll over usage billing work with a weekly payroll?

The last week in the tax month has to be finalised before the over usage is added to the billing cycle. If the last week is not finalised, the over usage will be added to the billing cycle for which the finalising takes place.

In summary, if you finalise weeks 1-3 and there are 4 weeks in the tax month, the over usage will not be added to the billing cycle until week 4 is finalised.


How does the billing affect Auto Enrolment?

This will be charged at £1 per employee, per month.

What if I don’t pay anyone for a couple of months?

You will still be charged for the cost of your Business + Payroll bundle, however you will only be charged over usage for the payslips you finalise, over and above the included amount (1 company and up to 5 employees free).


I’d like to see some examples

Example 1

Month 5

Companies         1

Employees          3

AE                           0

No payroll over usage – charge remains at Business + Payroll bundle cost.


Invoice 1 new    

Example 2

Month 5

Companies         2

Employees          3

AE                           3

Charges apply for the additional company (£2) and 3 auto enrolment assessments (£3).  Up to 5 employees are free.


Invoice 2 new

Example 3

Month 5

Companies         3

Employees          10

AE                           5

Charges apply for 2 additional companies (£4), 5 additional employees (£5) and 5 auto enrolment assessments (£5).


 Invoice 3 new

Example 4

Month 3

Companies         2

Employees          10

AE                           5

Month 4

No Payroll Over Usage

Month 5

Companies         3

Employees          15

AE                           10

Invoice 4 new

Charges apply for June / Month 3 for an additional company (£2), 5 additional employees (£5) and 5 auto enrolment assessments (£5).

Charges apply for August / Month 5 for 2 additional companies (£4), 10 additional employees (£10) and 10 auto enrolment assessments (£10).

As both these payrolls were finalised in the same billing period, both charges will be applied in September’s bill.


Any more about questions about Payroll Over Usage Billing? Please get in touch at: support@kashflow.com

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