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We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your HR software. That’s why we’re offering you a free account review; just a quick chat about how you’re getting on with your software, what you’re using it for and if there’s anything we can suggest to help you further. Fill out the form opposite to request a no obligation account review and maximise your HR software.

If you’re having a particular problem or coming across the same headaches each month, why not ask and see if we have something that could help you. We have a whole range of new modules available that could benefit your business and help you streamline your business processes including rotas, time-sheets, online forms, recruitment, expenses and staff performance.

New HR Modules now available:

Get the most out of your HR software by customising your employee experience with additional modules. Whether it’s tracking performance and appraisals, streamlining rotas or going paperless, we have just the thing for you:


The Forms module allows you to digitise any paper-based form you currently use and securely hold the completed versions against an employee file. The forms are fully customisable and you can choose from a bundle of pre-built forms or design your own. This module is essential for maintaining compliance and makes employee engagement simple and easy.


The Rota module enables you to create electronic staffing schedules for all employees quickly and easily. Publishing a rota sends an email to all employees, informing them that there is a new schedule to view. Employees can access their rota outside of work and can check when their next shift is, even if there’s a late change to the schedule.


Recording and submitting working hours has never been simpler than with IRIS HR’s Timesheet module. Staff can use the module to record the hours they’ve worked, including any overtime, and then submit the timesheet to be approved by their manager. Once approved, it is then sent onto payroll to be processed.

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