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From first hires to full teams, KashFlow HR helps your business grow without increasing your workload.

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Access from anywhere

Update accident books from different sites, track headcount from wherever you are… regardless of your physical location, you can keep your head in the game.

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Built for small businesses

Don’t pay for features you’re not going to use, or spend time navigating tabs you don’t need. KashFlow HR is streamlined and structured for small businesses just like your

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Flexible & futureproof

KashFlow HR’s intuitive interface means you’re using the same software whether you have one employee or twenty. It will work for you even as your business grows.

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Employee self service

HR can involve lots of time-consuming tasks and, as a small business owner and operator, you already face a heavy workload. KashFlow HR helps keep your workload under control by allowing employees to manage their daily admin and submit requests, and streamlining the approval and reporting processes, so that you can focus on other revenue generating priorities.

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What KashFlow HR can do for your business

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Keep everything in one place

From scheduling holidays to monitoring the cost of absences – keeping it easy for you.

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Work from anywhere

Small businesses run on the go, so our cloud software runs with you.

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Put your team first

KashFlow puts your team at the heart of your human resource management strategy – helping you monitor training and development.

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Keep your business compliant

Keep everything in order and make sure your business is GDPR-compliant, no matter its size.

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Create reports for better results

Download and update reports on absences, individual training and development, and more.

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Headcount & team management

Monitor headcount across multiple sites and maintain a full directory of employee contact information

Understanding HR’s role in a small business

If you’re new to HR, and still wondering whether to adopt HR software for your business, you’ll probably find the next section useful.

Small businesses looking for cost-effective HR solutions are frequently turning to HR software.

HR software keeps all your important HR documents in one digital place, meaning you can go paperless and stay organised. With cloud-based HR software, you can access and update this data from anywhere.

HR software makes management of a small business’s employee data easy. It includes ‘self-service’ so employees can apply sick days and holidays, update contact details and more without relying on a manager. All you have to do is approve or decline from within the software.

HR software streamlines and modernises human resources management, keeping your workload under your control.

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The people that work for you are called human resources. Human resource management involves the recruitment, management, and provision of a direction for these employees.

If you hire someone, you’ll need to take on some HR responsibilities. These will vary but involve staffing (so hiring and making sure your growing business attracts the rights talent), employee compensation and benefits, and defining job roles.

The main role of human resource management is to increase a company’s productivity by enhancing the effectiveness of its employees.

Often, HR is also linked closely with Payroll – which covers workplace pension provision and employee payslips.

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HR software for small businesses comes with a host of great features that are essential for effective management:

Set reminders for upcoming absences and events and share this data with deputies by setting permissions for how much data others can access.

Monitor group absences, even over multiple sites, and approve them from one report.

Calculate the Bradford Factor of individual employees to maximize efficiency in your workforce.

Keep track of any company equipment you’ve issued and whether it’s due a review.

When using HR software for hiring, you can also produce diversity reports and identify key skills that need adding to your team in order for your business to progress.

HR software gives you more control, and offers a comprehensive overview of the HR faculty without creating too much extra work for you. When done right, HR software seamlessly fits into, and accentuates, your existing business model.

What is GDPR compliance?

On May 25, 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will replace the Data Protection Act 1998.

Failure to comply will result in swift and heavy fines of up to €20 million or 4% of the business’ annual turnover, which is greater. It’s therefore becoming increasingly important to stay on top of human resource management and data protection.

When managing employee data, such logging working hours and pay, it’s important to ensure you are fully GDPR compliant.

  • Any data stored or used must be done so with the individual’s consent, and the reasons must be explained.
  • Individuals must be given the right to transmit their data from one controller to another, under new data portability rules.
  • The employee has a right to access electronic copies of private records, alongside information on the processing, storage and purpose of this data.
  • The employee has a right to be forgotten – which includes the deletion of personal data, and the prevention of it being shared with third parties.
  • Privacy by design is now a legal requirement.

How to get GDPR compliant

It’s essential that you download a HR software that helps you stay GDPR compliant.

KashFlow HR software offers online HR self-service with 24/7 access to personal data for all employees. You can directly upload health & safety guides, company handbooks and other documents as per GDPR “right to access” standards. You can also confirm changes to any of these documents by issuing employees with “read and accept” forms.

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How much does it cost?

Just £1.50 per employee per month

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Up to 5 employees

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Personal records

Contract records

 Payroll records

 Absence management


Just £2.00 per employee per month

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Up to 10 employees

10+ employees call for a quote 0330 057 3989

contract12 month contract

admin3 x admin users

All the Core features plus…

Multi-stage absence approval

 Read and accept

Training records

Professional memberships

Accident records

Salary modelling

Employee benefits

*Pricing for KashFlow HR Core is based on a minimum of 5 employees and increments of 5 employees thereafter. Pricing for KashFlow HR Plus is based on a minimum employee of 10 employees and increments of 10 employees thereafter.

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