To keep the accounting software easy to use, most features are turned off by default. We don’t want features you don’t use to get in your way.

When you explore the Settings tab you start to get a feel for the wealth of options that are available.

Listed below are the various settings sections within KashFlow.

Your Account

  • Manage Subscription

    Change your subscription status and/or buy additional modules.

  • Company Details

    Update your company address, telephone number, etc.

  • Email Options

    From here you can decide when KashFlow should send you emails.

  • Change Password

    Change your password or memorable word.

  • Import Data

    Import data into your KashFlow account.

  • Delete Data

    Delete the data you’ve entered so far. Use with caution!

  • Backup Data

    Set options to be regularly emailed a backup.

  • Display Settings

    Change the way KashFlow looks.

  • Accountants’ Access

    Give access to your accountant without having to share your password.

  • Referrals

    Stop paying us, let us pay you: refer eight people to us and you get KashFlow for free.


  • Sources

    Add, edit and delete your various sources of business.

  • Sales Types

    Manage a list of the different types of sales that you make.

  • Payment Methods

    Edit your list of methods with which you pay for your invoices and purchases.

  • Outgoing Types

    Edit the list of your different types of outgoings.

  • Currencies

    Set up foreign currencies for use with invoices and quotes.

  • Taxes

    If you need to charge taxes other than VAT then this is place to set them up.

  • Chart of Accounts

    Edit your Sales Types, Outgoing Types and Bank Transaction Types all from this one page.

Configuration Settings

  • Invoice Options

    Control the way your invoices look by adding an image or text.

  • Quote Settings

    Change the settings for your quotes.

  • Stock Options

    Enable Stock Management and edit related options.

  • Project Settings

    Enable projects and change settings.

  • Purchase Order Options

    Enable Purchase Orders and set related options.

  • VAT Settings

    Set various VAT settings, such as which scheme you are on, online filing options, etc.

  • CIS Options

    Enable and configure settings for CIS or Withholding Tax.

  • Advanced Settings

    You normally wouldn’t need to access these settings unless specifically asked to do so.

  • Purchase Options

    Enable quantity field and enable purchases attachment options.

  • Email Templates

    View and edit your templates for emails which you send.

  • Custom Customer Fields

    Set up additional fields for your customer records so that you can store additional information.

  • Asset Register Categories

    Set up the categories for use with the Asset Register.

  • Account Switching

    If you have multiple KashFlow accounts, you can use Account Switching to quickly jump between them.

  • Customer and Supplier Settings

    Set various options for your Customer and Supplier pages.

  • Automatic Credit Control

    Automatically remind your customers about invoices that are becoming due or are overdue.

External Services

  • PayPal Imports

    Settings to automatically copy across sales and customer info from your PayPal Account.

  • FreshBooks Integration

    Integrate with a FreshBooks account to copy across new invoices and customers.

  • Card Options

    You can take card payments directly from within your KashFlow account. Use this page to setup/configure the option.

  • ViaPost Settings

    Send invoices by post without ever touching an envelope or a stamp.

  • API Settings

    Enable and configure API access to your KashFlow account.

  • MailChimp Integration

    Integrate your KashFlow account with MailChimp so you can easily communicate with all of your customers by email.

  • GoCardless

    Easily take payments online using GoCardless Direct Debits.

  • Dropbox

    Set up Dropbox integration so you can store files along with your accounting and customer data.

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