It couldn’t be simpler to manage your customers and suppliers with KashFlow. You can produce on-screen, as CSV files or as PDFs to attach to emails. More choice than a buffet. You can also set discounts for individual customers, print forms and envelopes for them and view every statistic from when you first invoiced them to how long they usually take to pay. The only thing it can’t tell you is their favourite pizza topping.

  • Statements

    You can produce statements for Customers and Suppliers. These can be produced on-screen, as CSV files or emailed as PDFs.

    You can configure the statement in numerous ways, including showing just unpaid invoices or showing just invoices between two dates.

  • Email Marketing

    Our integration with MailChimp means you can send well-designed emails to all of your customers, or just certain subsets of customers (such as those who have spent more than a certain amount or only ever bought from you once). Best of all, there is no extra charge for this.

  • Custom Fields

    Every business is unique, so we have given you the ability to create up to 20 custom fields for your user records. These can be used for anything you like.

  • Statistics

    You can view a range of statistics for your customers to help you identify when they were first invoiced, how long they take to pay, amount overdue, etc.

  • Forms and Envelopes

    You can very quickly print forms and envelopes for your customers and suppliers form the accounting software.

  • Purchase/Sales History

    You can download a complete history of what you’ve sold/purchased to/from a customer/supplier.

  • Payment Terms

    As well as a system-wide setting for you payment terms, you can set this on a per customer/supplier basis. So if you give a customer 21 days to pay then when you create an invoice the due date is set automatically.

  • Discounts

    You can set a discount for a specific customer. When you create an invoice for them you’ll be able to apply the discount in a single click.

  • Wholesale Pricing

    As well as a standard price list, you can also set a wholesale price. Tick the box to say the customer receives wholesale pricing and the price on an invoice will be pre-filled accordingly.

  • VAT

    Store customer and supplier VAT information such as their registration number.

  • CIS

    If CIS is enabled then a complete range of fields is shown to store UTR Number, NI number, etc.

  • Notes

    Store your own private notes about each customer or supplier.

  • Google Maps

    Integration with Google maps to instantly visualise where your customers are located.

  • Payments on Account

    Do you get paid in advance of supplying goods? No problem. KashFlow can store advance payments which you can later allocate to a customer or supplier.

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