API and Integrations

We provide a secure interface to our accounting software that allows other programs to enter data in to your account and/or retrieve data. As well as being able to integrate with a number of premade addons (you can find more information in the Addons section), we have a full-featured API that lets the techies in the office build their own integrations. *Cue oohs and ahhs*

Business Owner/Managers

You can use our existing https://www.kashflow.com/apps/ or commission your own (from a 3rd party developer) to integrate your business processes. For example you could:

  • have your ecommerce site automatically record sales
  • provide a customer portal on your own site
  • integrate with other applications that you use

Business Software Providers

Other providers of business software can easily integrate their applications with ours. This is an approach already taken by payroll software companies and ecommerce providers.

By integrating with our accounting software you have instant accounting functionality in your own software. We’ll also list your product on our page of available apps.


There is a market for paid-for apps to our software. You can develop applications that integrate with KashFlow and sell them to our customers. We are always happy to list useful apps on our site.

We’re often asked to undertake bespoke add-on development by our customers. This is something we don’t provide, so we instead refer them to programmers that we know are capable of working with our API.

Business Service Providers

Our accounting software can be used as a bookkeeping engine at the center of a wider offering. For example: one of our Partners provides benchmarking services for the creative industries. Their customers use our software (rebranded as their own) to do their day-to-day bookkeeping.

The Partner can programmatically retrieve Profit & Loss data to provide the benchmarking part of the service.

There is no additional charge for using the standard API.

Partners via Orbit

There is also an API specifically for Orbit. It’s different to the standard API in that you don’t need the username and password for the client account to be able to interact with. You use your Orbit credentials and specify the client ID number instead.

The Orbit API is often used in conjunction with our white label option to provide additional functionality and so our white label resellers can implement their own automated provisioning and billing system.

The Orbit API is also the only way that Orbit customers can purchase client licenses on a monthly rather than an annual basis.

If you’re interested in discussing the API or monthly license pricing then please do contact us.

Users of our Orbit Accounts product also have access to an extended API with additional functionality.

For more information on the API, please visit our developers pages.

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