KashFlow's Change Log

“Overdue” and “Paid” Stamps on invoices

A number of users have requested a way to make it clear on an invoice that the invoice had been paid. We’ve now added the option to include a "Paid" stamp on your invoices if they are indeed paid. Whilst we were at it we added an "Overdue" stamp too.…

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Suppliers Reference

When you record a purchase you are given the opportunity to record a supplier’s reference number (usually their invoice number).   This reference is now shown on the main ‘Purchases’ page as well as in the list of purchases shown on the page for any given supplier.   This has…

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Login Page Branded for Partners

When Partners use the code to let their clients log in from their own sites, the memorable word page wasn’t fully showing the Partners branding. This has now been fixed.

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Wholesale Pricing.

  A number of our customers have said that they would benefit from having the ability to record two prices against a product – a wholesale price and a retail price.   We’ve now added this functionality. First go to Settings->Stock Options to enable wholesale pricing.   For each of…

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EC Sales List

We’ve now added an EC Sales List in the Reports area to assist those that need to provide this report to HMRC.

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