IRIS Insight

Spend less time on data preparation and more time making smarter decisions with IRIS Insight.

Create financial forecasts quickly and easily.  With powerful cash-flow management and scenario planning features, you can spot issues early and develop effective solutions.  Make smarter decisions and achieve business goals with IRIS Insight.

Save time doing forecasts

Cut the hours you spend doing forecasts to a minimum. IRIS Insight creates profit & loss, balance sheet and cashflow forecasts simply and quickly – with a strong focus on cash-flow management.

Early warning of business issues

The system dashboard gives you a clear view of the business performance and key financial indicators. By highlighting any issues in advance, IRIS Insight gives you the time you need to plan more effectively.

More informed & effective decisions

The ‘What If’ scenario planning feature will help you model and understand the potential impact of change on the business…..in seconds.  ‘What If’ scenarios support more informed and effective decision making.

Supports management reporting & lending applications

IRIS Insight can prepare reports that provide the level of finer detail you need, helping with management reporting and lending applications.

Track progress against plan

The software integrates seamlessly with KashFlow meaning you can use your historical figures to track progress against plan and project your year end results at the push of a button.

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