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If you're looking for accounting and invoicing software that's easy to use and jargon-free, you're going to love KashFlow.

What you get when you use KashFlow

Here's how KashFlow will help you save time and make money…

Intuitive and easy to learn

KashFlow is designed to help make running small business (and larger companies) easy, without you needing any accounting or bookkeeping knowledge. So you’ll be able to pick it up quickly.

You can also try KashFlow Free for 30 days, and if you need it, there’s an online help section with video tutorials and more, as well as free email support.

We also produce regular monthly guides to help you get to grips on all that’s new in modern bookkeeping. You can find our latest free 8-page guide ‘5 reasons why you need integrated bookkeeping and payroll’ here.

You can use KashFlow anywhere

KashFlow is “cloud hosted”, which means you can use it wherever you have internet access.

That’s really convenient for any size business from small to large, especially if you have staff in different locations.

Or, if you’re visiting a prospect and want to issue a quote, there's no need to wait until you return to your office. Our accounting software can be used on your smartphone, letting you create quotes on the go that you can email directly.

It also means that, if your computer goes kaput (a nightmare for small businesses) the accounting data for your business is safe – because it’s hosted on our secure servers.

Quick & easy to set up

Because KashFlow is online, there’s no download required. You just need to register to get started using KashFlow for free. Then just log in from your chosen device and begin using it.

Transfer your existing bookkeeping and invoicing data

If you’re a Quickbooks or Sage user, you can transfer all your small business data into KashFlow.

Or, if you use spreadsheets like Excel, you can import data such as invoices, customers and transactions quickly and easily.

Creating invoices is easy

Our accounting software is customisable, and with a few clicks of your mouse, you can edit the look, content and layout of our invoice templates to suit your brand.

Invoices can be scheduled and sent out automatically. You’ll even be alerted by email when an invoice is overdue for payment.

Credit control

Someone not paying what they owe you? If you run a small business, it's crucial to stay on top of what money you're waiting for. When you log in to KashFlow, you will instantly see how much you’re owed and how much of it is overdue.

We provide three pre-written reminder letters, which the system can send automatically to people who are late paying you.

Quotes and estimates at the press of a button

These are created the same way you’d create an invoice. And, if your quote is accepted by the customer, press a button and it turns into an invoice!

All the reports, charts and graphs you’d ever want

As well as providing Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports, we offer a wide range of other graphical reports. This means that, even if you’re not finance-savvy, you’ll know how much you’re spending, how much customers are spending with you, and a better picture of how your business is performing day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month.

Some of the accounting and financial reports available within KashFlow are: balance sheet, lists of money you owe and are owed, customer history reports, monthly P&L, trial balance, reports of transactions by customer or by supplier, and more.

Purchases automated

As well as allowing you to input as many purchases as you want, KashFlow can automate recurring purchases and let suppliers know by email when you've paid them.

Banking simplified

You can set up all of the bank accounts you use in KashFlow, whether personal (for expenses) or business - and view their balances on the dashboard. Repeat transactions can be set up to recur at regular intervals and you can quickly record transfers between accounts. You can also set up Automatic Bank Feeds to import your bank transactions directly into KashFlow.

VAT returns filed for you

If your business is small, you can't afford to miss any HMRC deadlines. So with KashFlow, Vat Returns and EC Sales lists can all be filed directly to HMRC, all from within the software.

Year End accounts

Use our Year End report to create a Journal that effectively resets your Profit & Loss report automatically

Works well with other software

KashFlow integrates with over 85 other systems. All the big names in CRM, ecommerce, email programmes, payment processors, payroll software, inventory management…

For a full list of the applications you can use with KashFlow, click here.


KashFlow Payroll makes managing your company pay simple, and because it’s cloud based, you can access it anytime, from any device.

Easily manage all company pay cycles, keep track of all your employee pay information, and even edit payslips on the move. You can also automate your Real Time Information (RTI) submissions, and being HMRC recognised, we can ensure your submissions are timely and correct.

KashFlow Payroll will help your business get ready for workplace pensions automatic enrolment. Download your free guide: "7 auto enrolment top tips for businesses staging in 2016".

Why KashFlow is risk-free for you to try

We believe that, if you try KashFlow, you’ll see how easy – and powerful – it is, and want to keep using it.

So we’d like you to try KashFlow free. Click here for a free trial.

During your trial, you can use all of KashFlow’s features. You get invoicing, purchases, everything small business and larger ones need - with free and fast support!

You don’t need to give us your credit card or bank details. If you decide you don’t like it, there’s nothing to cancel. Your trial will end and you’ll owe us nothing.

If you do like using KashFlow, then it starts at just £7 a month. That works out at 23p a day – not much to ask for an accounting system for your business that’s going to save you so much time each month.

95.55% Customer Satisfaction Rating

KashFlow has taken the prize for Best Accounting Software for SMEs 5 of the last 6 years. We’re especially proud of this because all of our key competitors were in the same category.

Our customers were asked about KashFlow

And here’s what they said:

Tony Cook

KashFlow provides you with a convenient and affordable system that is extremely easy-to-use. We have tried other products on the market and none even come close.

Tony Cook, Celtic Tuning
Rachel Davis

Easy to use, especially for someone with little experience of using accounting software before.

Rachel Davis, accuracymatters.co.uk
Corrado Mella

Takes away number crunching headaches better than a painkiller.

Corrado Mella, scotbbtel.co.uk
Ian Rhodes

The KashFlow Software is ridiculously straightforward and you get the immediate feeling that the package is designed with your own needs in mind.

Ian Rhodes, I.R. Marketing Consultancy
Theresa Stinson

Things like invoicing fill me with dread! KashFlow, once set up, does all the work. It’s brilliant!

Theresa Stinson, CODE Public Relation
Lou Moon

Love it, best package I've used and I have 15 years experience!

Lou Moon, va-toolbox.co.uk

Try KashFlow free for 30 days and you'll never look back. Promise.