Windows Accounting Software

When KashFlow was born in 2006, half decent bookkeeping and accounting software packages were hard to come by. At least packages that could be easily stood by those that weren’t accountants.

Duane Jackson, Managing Director and one of the lead designers behind KashFlow commented, “As small business people ourselves, we were so frustrated by the lack of user-friendly, simple accounting software we just thought, ‘lets build a system ourselves that all users can enjoy’. From that point, using feedback from real business owners as our core, KashFlow has grown from strength to strength.”

Since its launch KashFlow has won a sizable amount of market share and, more importantly, plaudits from business owners across the UK, as well as from leading figures such as HRH The Prince of Wales and Bill Gates.

KashFlow has also regularly won Software Satisfaction Awards, voted for by the public, including the prize of best Accounting Software at the most recent 2011 awards, polling an incredible Software Satisfaction Score of 96.25%.

The world has moved on since 2006, and KashFlow has evolved with the business and technological world around it.

KashFlow now operates with secure cloud based technology, synchronises with the third party applications that matter and is the simplest online accounting software available.

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