Sage to KashFlow Migration

Every day we get more and more requests to help customers move away from Sage accounting software and on to KashFlow.

To try to make this process as easy as possible, we have developed a tool to do all of the work for you.
This tool copies across ALL of your data – your customers, suppliers, sales, purchases, bank accounts, etc.

It is compatible with all version of Sage 50 as well as Sage Instant accounts. It may work with other versions – but these are the only products we’ve been able to test it with.

This migration tool is currently in beta mode. In non-technical terms, that means it might not work as expected and may still have a few bugs in it.

Please note that using this tool will delete all data currently in your KashFlow account.

Step-by-step Instructions

1) If you don’t already have a KashFlow account, create one now (for free) by clicking here.

2) Download and run the Sage Line 50 to KashFlow Export Wizard program by clicking here.
If you’re running Windows Vista then it’d be best to right click the downloaded file and choose “Run as Administrator”
Note: Although the screenshots below say “Ver:1.50″, the latest version is actually 2.02

3) You will see a welcome screen as shown below. Click the ‘Next’ button

4) You will now be asked to choose your version os Sage from a drop-down list. This is so that the program can find your data files. If it can’t find your data files in the default location then you will be given the chance to browse to the files.

Note: If you are browsing to the files yourself, you should be selecting the directory that has the program files in it, not the data directory. The Wizard is specifically looking for a file called ‘COMPANY’ if you search for the file it is hidden so make sure you search for “hidden and system files” too.

Often it can be found in a subdirectory of C:Documents and Settings<yout username>Application Data

5) The wizard will now attempt to find your Sage home directory. If it can’t find it it’ll give you the option to either browse for it, or let it scan your computer to find it.

6 )
 Once your Sage directory has been found or selected. you can select the company from the list provided. In this example we have chosen “Digiland”. You should also provide the username and password.

7) Now you can click on the finish button. The wizard will extract all of your data and send it to KashFlow.

8 )
 You’ll now be taken to a KashFlow login page. Log in to your account and watch the lovely blue animation for a minute or so whilst we extract your data.

9) You’ll be asked shown a summary of your data and asked to confirm certain control accounts. Enter your password and click continue.

10) You’ll be warned again that all of your data will be deleted, and you’ll be asked to confirm your email address. Once you’ve done that you’ll be logged out of your account whilst we process your data. This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple of hours dependent on how much data you have.

Once it’s done you’ll receive an email telling you we’ve finished importing your data and inviting you to log back into your account.

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