Using IRIS KashFlow Connect, you can easily sub-divide your clients that are listed in IRIS KashFlow Connect into groups and/or assigning them to managers. This means that you can view client lists and run reports on particular groups rather than on all clients. You can also  set up multiple Charts of Accounts, with (for example) default options for sole traders and another for limited companies.

  • Exporting accounting data in a wide range of formats (Sage, Digita and other packages) is simple.
  • You can securely upload files, from a Certificate of Incorporation to tax returns, to your clients’ accounts which you can both access.
  • Attaching annual reminders to each client, which the system can also email you, will appear when you log in and help you to remember things like P11d deadlines, Class 1A NIC payment dates and even their birthdays!
  • The ability (when you set up trials for your clients) to restrict their access to certain features of KashFlow e.g. Chart of Accounts, reports etc


You can use IRIS KashFlow Connect to see when each of your clients last logged in and how many times they have done so; this is a great way of making sure they are keeping on top of their books!

When you click on a client from the list within IRIS KashFlow Connect, you can also access:

  • A quick overview of their business performance
  • Graphs and charts showing their P&L, monthly turnover and income by customer
  • A range of other reports that are just a couple of clicks away
  • Reports that consolidate data for a range of clients (a feature that’s of particular interest to franchises!), and compare things like their performance against each other


Using IRIS KashFlow Connect and KashFlow allows you to view your clients’ most recent accounting data instantly, meaning you no longer have to wait for shoe boxes of paperwork or backups and data files to be sent to you by email.

This saves you time and hassle, allowing you to be more proactive in helping and advising your clients.

KashFlow is famous for its ease of use, but if you do have any issues KashFlow offers both you and your clients:

  • Free and fast email support
  • An extensive knowledge base, featuring walkthroughs and video tutorials
  • Live bookkeeping training events


You can use IRIS KashFlow Connect to co-brand KashFlow accounts with your own logo and branding, which helps to build client loyalty and increases the perceived value of the other services you provide to the client. You can also use a piece of code to allow clients to log in via your own website.

We also provide you with:

  • Branded login and registration pages that require no setup at all
  • Customisable dashboards for your clients, allowing you to remove elements you don’t want them to see, and add your own information and messages
  • Automatic emails to notify your clients of things like overdue invoices, which you can reword exactly as you choose
  • Customisable welcome emails and Getting Started Guides that are sent to your clients when they first create an account 

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free. And your clients will love you.